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over 8 years ago

You're at the Home Stretch!

Congratulations you’re almost there! With only 10 more days left for the hackathon, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to wrap things up. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us! As always we are constantly answering questions on the discussion page, so please check out that resource to see if your question has already been answered. We'll also be sending out some final submission tips in the next day or so. Please stay tuned for further instructions.

On a side note, our team has been extremely busy with new launches. Here’s a recap of some of the awesome launches that we’ve completed in the past few weeks. 

  1. Windows Phone- We introduced deep linking for Windows Phone! Now developers of Windows Phone applications can make it easy for their users to interact with the native Uber app.
  2. Webhooks, Estimates, and Receipts- Developers that utilize the Request endpoint can now leverage our webhooks service to have their applications notified when certain events happen on behalf of a user they requested a ride for. Next we introduced request estimates to help developers make a post to an endpoint and receive time, price, and surge information. Finally we released receipts that allow third party applications to surface the cost and details of a request to users at the end of a trip.
  3. Microsoft Outlook and Cortana- Last week we had the opportunity to attend Microsoft Build 2015 and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella demoed our new add-in for Outlook at the keynote! We also introduced the new Uber add-in for Cortana that will be coming this summer.
  4. Coding Dojo Parntership- Since launching our API last August, we’ve been getting more involved with the developer community and working with others who share our same passion. Now it’s time to pay it forward! Starting today, Uber and Coding Dojo will be working together to build a hands-on curriculum that will not only leverage Uber’s expertise in API development, but it will also help the students become the next generation of technology leaders.

We're extremely proud of all of you. Keep up the pace and do your best! We are excited to see what you all build and are already seeing some amazing projects come in.

-Nathan Lam, Product Marketing Lead, API