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over 8 years ago

We Hope You Are Excited as We Are

Hey Uber Hackers, we want to share something with you: we’re super pumped! It’s been just 10 days since we launched our first hackathon on ChallengePost, and over 1000 of you have already entered.

We love love hackathons because it gives us an opportunity to see a fresh perspective on Uber. There are tons of creative new use cases for Uber — many which we haven’t even thought of — and with our newly released Request endpoint, you can now make them a reality. We’re already running across some interesting integrations powered by our API, and can’t wait to see the finished products on May 17.

Make sure to tell your friends about the hackathon and follow us @Uber_API to stay up to date for some new features in the coming weeks.

- Tom Fallows, Director of Product, Expansion