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Webhooks for Uber's location in Sandbox

It looks like the webhooks in the sandbox only return the status change of the Uber (which we can simulate with PUT requests). However, how can we test the Uber actually moving (i.e. get location updates for the Uber to show its progress on a map)?

Since the sandbox isn't actually ordering an uber, can we only test the location updates by ordering an actual Uber through the production environment's Request endpoint? (which is what the sandbox is trying to help simulate). Is there a way to test location updates from the Uber without actually requesting one?


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    The sandbox does currently support vehicle movement once a request's status has been changed to `in_progress`. Once you've made the PUT to the sandbox that sets the status to `in_progress`, subsequent GETs to `/v1/requests/{request_id}` endpoint will return a JSON object where the `location.latitude` and `location.longitude` will periodically change (every 5 seconds or so), moving the vehicle from the pickup location to the destination.

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    Great, thank you!

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