•   over 8 years ago

How to get Uber Surge multiplier (Eg: 1.2x) when destination is not there?

Surge Multiplier is given in PriceEstimate and Request endpoints.
But price Estimate expects destination to be given.
How do I get the surge multiplier when the user hasn't given a destination?


  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Ahmed- Great question. You are correct that price estimates expects destination to be given. If you are simply trying to display the surge, there is a loophole way to get it to work from behind the scenes. You could essentially set the destination for them as the pickup location (wherever they are currently at). Therefore no matter what it would show the surge at that current time. Hope this helps.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    :) I just coded the same logic. May be Great people think alike ;)

    I observed request API without destination works in Sandbox also.
    The following thread says we need dropoff in sandbox.

    You guys fixed this in upgrade may be?

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