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iOS submission

Hello! I just wanted to clarify, according to Apple there are 2 ways to test an iOS app with beta testers (internal testing, which wouldn't require a Beta App Review from the App Store, or external testing, which would).

Are we able to include the Uber team as an internal tester (assign them a role on our 'team' so they can download the build)? Or do we have to go through the entire Beta App Review process to add the Uber team?

Details are below:


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    Hey check out our official rules for submissions. Everything is listed, but here is the recap:

    b. iOS Applications:

    If your Application is available on the iTunes App Store provide a link in the “Website URL” field on “Enter a Submission” form. If you charge a fee for downloading your Application, you must provide a promo code.
    If your Application is not yet publicly available on the iTunes App Store, you must send a test build to the Administrator before the end of the Challenge Submission Period using one of the following methods:
    1. Beta by Crashalytics

    You may send the Sponsor a beta test via Crashalytics. Use the Sponsor’s testing email ( and UDID’s to provision a build and send the Sponsor a link via the “Share Links” button. Add the testing link to the Enter a Submission form under “iOS Build Link”. Beta by Crashalytics is a free service. Please review the how-to for their Beta Distribution tool.

    Sponsor UDIDs:

    iPhone UDIDs:

    iPad UDIDs:
    2. TestFlight / iTunes Connect

    Enter the Sponsor’s email address to share a build for testing. The Sponsor’s TestFlight account email Please note that if you add the Sponsor as an “External Tester” your Application will need to go through Beta App Review before you can send your build. This could lead to delay and in order for your Submission to be eligible, you must send your test build before the end of the Challenge Submission Period. To learn more about TestFlight via iTunes Connect, please review the iTunes Connect Developer Guide and the TestFlight Video Tutorial.

    3. HockeyApp

    Send a testing link to the Sponsor and add the testing link on the Enter a Submission form under “iOS Build Link”. Please note that there is a fee to use HockeyApp.

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    Is option 2 Testflight working for anyone attempting most recently? I get the error: "The email address you entered already belongs to an iTunes Connect account. To continue, enter a different email address." Are there other email addresses we can use instead? Maybe there is an app sign-up limit per email address.

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    Same issue @Pamela. I'm trying Crashalytics.

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    I couldn't send it either due to the same error "the email address you entered already belongs to an iTunes Connect account". How can we get the build to Uber?

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