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webhooks for actions originating in Uber's app

I think I'm interpreting this correctly but wanted to be sure without having to request an uber.

Is it accurate to say that applications will *only* receive webhooks for requests originating from that application?

I would like to be notified by webhook when any user who has authenticated my app takes an action via the core Uber app. It would enable experiences that sit alongside Uber but don't need to replicate the core function of requesting a ride.

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  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    You are correct in assuming that at this time, the webhooks service will only POST events for trips an application requests on behalf of the user. Webhooks are meant to compliment the request endpoints to enable real-time updates for riders without requiring an application to poll our API.

    That being said, we are considering updating the webhooks service to allow users to authorize an app to get updates for trips that are requested through other apps (either the official Uber apps or other 3rd party apps utilizing the request endpoints). We don't have any public plans, but we appreciate that some very interesting integrations could be built if we opened up webhooks in this way.

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