•   about 8 years ago

Can we fix the login.uber.com/login page?

The login page in the mobile/macbook is not fitting in one page. I have rarely seen a login page scrolling more than a page. You could see the experience in the following link.


This is one suggestion my beta users/myself.

Many of the beta users are logged in with Google in the Uber app. There is no "Login with Google" in the login page which makes the user to go into a long path of doing a forget password and then resetting and then entering the password here. The whole point of oauth is one less password to have in mind?

P.S: The login authentication should actually been integrated with the uber app just like facebook/moves app kind of integration. But right now, we should at least fix this css and enable "Login with Google".


  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago

    Thanks Ahmed. We are actively working to improve the experience, have considered adding native oauth support to our mobile applications, and are working towards adding Google to login.uber.com/login. Stay tuned!

  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    I am planning to go from beta to production this week.
    Many of the Indian users is using Google as login.
    When can I expect the Google login added in the login page?

    I may have to hold on my release till that time since it may frustrate some users
    and result in a negative review.

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