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Redirect URL?

Just registered my app on the developer site and for the redirect URL I put http://localhost:7000/submit. This is something I found on a python flask example I found online that uses the Uber API? I'm going to be developing an iOS app, so what should the process be for my redirect URL, is there anything different I need to do. Sorry, first time really working with an API.


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    Nitin have you checked out our resource links yet? Let me know if it helps and if you have questions still about the redirect. I'm assuming you are referring to the Oauth section?




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    So I've looked at the documentation and I am still confused. I created a custom URL scheme for my iOS app using the following tutorial:

    My issue however, is the scheme I created (hyperionStudios://) cannot be set as the Redirect URL on the developer site. If someone can explain how I can redirect back from the login page to my iOS application that would be great. I am able to make the OAuth request to get to the login page, I just can't seem to figure out how to get back. Thanks!

    EDIT: Well I've managed to start up a local apache server, so now I can redirect to http://localhost, however, I am still unable to figure out how to then return to the iOS application. Is redirecting to localhost a good first step?

  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago

    Nitin- The reasoning you're running into an issue is because that's not a fully constructed URI. There needs to be a path component, something like `hyperionStudios://action` is valid where just `hyperionStudios://` is not. Hope that helps!

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    I'm having the same problem. The path should just be myappname:// but uber wants more after that. I'm not sure how to handle a path after that URI that opens an iOS app.

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