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Can rider specify the route of the ride

Can the rider specify the path of ride to the driver instead of destination.
What i mean is can the ride route be dictated by the rider.
Can the Driver over rule riders route?


  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Shubham- I'm trying to understand your question better so let me just break it down and see if it answers your question. If you are referring to if a rider in the car can dictate the route that the driver takes, then the answer is yes. If I told my driver to turn left here he would be able to do so. Though if you are referring to price estimates endpoint (which automatically provides a hypothetical route, which the price is based on) then the answer is no. We don't know what route the rider will choose. Hopefully that makes sense.

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    okay so let me make a little more clear . Can a rider can pickup their friends along with and go to a common location? Does the rider has the ability to specify the destination but pick the exact route of ride?

  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Subham- Are you referring to the API or the service in general? If you are referring to the latter, you can order an Uber and tell your driver to pickup your friends along the way. The rider just needs to tell the driver while they are in the car that they will be making 2 stops or however many you are stopping. For your second questions, you as the rider can determine how to get to your destination. For example if I wanted to go to the supermarket and that was my end destination, while in the car I can tell him how I want to get there.

    All of this is separate from the API though. What I am telling you is what any rider is capable of doing in an Uber. Hope this helps.

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    thanks got it

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