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Uber Oauth Login

In the Request API, we are redirecting to the following page to authenticate an user.

Here, we have only "Connect with Facebook" and username, password login options.
We don't have Google Login. But original Uber app has. This makes the existing uber users not login into my beta app.

Any Suggestions to solve this issue?


  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago


    Those users can login by using the email address associated with their Google account and a password that they choose by going to https://www.uber.com/forgot-password and requesting a reset password link. Have them follow the link sent to their Google account email (which they will use as their login email) and have them create a password. From there, they can use that to login to login.uber.com (and riders.uber.com if they choose) and they should be good to go.

    Hope that helps.

  •   •   about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply!
    But this step is too much to expect from a user right? If it's just another button like "Connect with Google", Wouldn't that be ideal? I don't want some user to complain about this complicated login. Will login web page be updated with Google Login also in the near future?

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